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Power your exploration efforts through best-in-class risk evaluation and volume estimate methods. GeoRiskX gives you all the tools you need to build custom risk templates, consistently apply risk across your company portfolio, and understand the risk/reward relationship of all your prospects.

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Power your analyses with fully user customizable risk categories and templates so that you can understand your chance of success.


Understand the range of in-place and recoverable oil and gas outcomes with fully customizable options for distribution types, fluid types, and entry options.


Our built-in portfolio views will allow you to understand the full variety of your exploration portfolios so you can make the best decisions.


Forget about spreadsheet analyses and file folders - our comprehensive database solutions will keep your exploration prospects organized and accessible.


Our software is powered by the cloud and full accessible via your web browser, so you can access your data from anywhere at any time.

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Our software helps your subsurface teams deliver at the highest level and in short time frames. Put the power of RiskX in their hands!

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