Frequently Asked Questions

GeoRiskX will transition your exploration portfolio from an ad hoc collection of spreadsheets, powerpoints, scattered documents into a powerful database that lets you develop a rich understanding of your company's exploration portfolio. Our software lets you assess the risk and volumetrics for both single-zone and multi-zone prospects. Your company can create their own risk categories and templates that users across your company can apply to ensure consistency of approach among your exploration staff and across business units. It's time to move beyond one-off risking and take a holistic approach to understanding your company's future upside.

A lot! GeoRiskX lets you define prospects and then build out zone by zone risking and volumetric estimates so that you can generate a fully probabilistic understanding of both the unrisked and risked in-place and recoverable volumes.
For performing risk analysis our tools let you define up to 10 unique risk categories and define a geological chance of success to each. We calculate the overall chance of success and risked volumes with each update you make.
Our volumetrics analysis lets you define the statistical range for your data and delivers a fully probabilistic analysis based on a Monte Carlo simulation with 20,000 runs. You can choose between different input units and calculation types to ensure that the risking fits the data you have instead of the data the software wants you to have.
And our portfolio view lets you slice and dice the data so that you can analyze the relevant parts of your company and assess the prospects that will best move you forward.

Our software is licensed on an annual subscription model. You can get started today by registering for a free trial. You can also contact us to schedule a demo or learn more. Take a look at our pricing page to determine the cost for your company to get a corporate-wide license.